About Sumarex Sweden

About Sumarex Sverige


2004 started as an IT teacher, and when more and more students wanted IT support at home, Zetterström Projekt and IT were formed. When Henrik Zetterström moved to Morocco to be the helm of Boeing 737 for Royal Air Maroc at the end of 2009, two years later Zetterström Project & IT Morocco was formed, which began by importing Antibac products from Norway for sale at pharmacies and hospitals in the larger cities in Morocco.

2013 begins a collaboration with a Moroccan man who sells cosmetic oils to pharmacies and Argan oil begins to come up with interest.

2015, Zetterström Project & IT Morocco gets a problem with the sale of Antibac due to the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs mentioning criticism of Morocco regarding West Sahara, and the Moroccan government cherishes not to shop by Swedish companies and even IKEA who was just getting ready just outside Casablanca, was delayed and the whole building stopped. However, sales manager Henrik Zetterström refers to all pharmacies that the product is Norwegian, even if the sales manager is Swedish, but the sales fell sharply for a while ...

New ideas are coming up with Argan oil and spices for Sweden, but so it will take until 2016, when Henrik Zetterström leaves Morocco, and starts in Morocco the same year Sumarex, which stands for "SUede MARoc EXport" to find new ways of exporting Moroccan products but also later imports of European products to Morocco.

2017, Sumarex Sweden is started to start working with Swedish customers again and after being support and helped the webshop company Online Shopping Nordics AB with their webshops, Sumarex Sweden took the step of opening its own webshop, Romancebynet.com when the collaboration ended.

2018, the owner Henrik Zetterström also took over all of his flight certificates including the type of rating on Boeing 737, but sometimes got new customers to the company.

Sumarex Sweden is both active in Sweden and in Morocco, which has continued to work with Argan oil and the production of other cosmetic products.

Also, there is now a collaboration between Sumarex Sweden and a Swedish artist in Morocco, as well as the sale of apartments in Agadir.


January 5, Sumarex Sweden gets its new office in Hägdalen where we cooperate with a masseur who also works with Sumarex Sweden's products.

2019 will be a very interesting year with great growth and assignments and so will the wellness part of Sumarex Sweden's business. The Hägdalshallen, which is not too far from the office, was where Henrik Zetterström worked for several years as an Aerobics and fitness instructor, so advice in weight loss and training becomes a dear reunion.

We will also be working with the development of cosmetic products and expanded range in the webshop with 2019.


The interesting thing about Sumarex Sweden is the diversity in different industries, which also brings collaboration with many different people.