Professional driver and pilot

Took a driving license at the age of 18, has never caused an accident.

Have vast experince driving long distances through Europe.

Motorcycle Driving License since 1994

Driving license D, bus since 1998, has driven bus for Swebus, Busslink, Arriva, Nobina and the airport buses.

Have commercial pilot license

CPL SEP ME IR, ATPL theory, MCC and Type rating Boeing 737


Do you need someone who drives your motorcycle to a destination / pick up motorcycle from store/ mechanic to home when you dont have the time yourself?


Do you need someone to drive your car down to Spain or drive it from one country to your home address?

It is cheaper then to have a car transported by a trailer through Europe.

Am also used to driver with trailer..

Professional bus driver

Has current YKB for bus

Transport documents

Do you need very sensitive documents to be transported from one destination to another with 100% descression, we can make that happen. Our transporters have only one objective and that is to deliver the document/documents safe.

More expensive but with 100% descression.